Can some1 help me?

Ok so Ive been yoyoing for a bit now and I keep realizing 1 thing- my middle finger on my throw hand eventually gets its circulation cut off from the tightness of the string around it. I have to keep loosening the string(getting annoying >:()around my finger and after I do, the rush of blood causes my finger to throb! so anyone got a solution like something to put on the string or on my finger? If you got any ideas just hollar and I’ll be gald to try :smiley:


Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg :wink:

What i do when i get this problem, which I actually tend to do a lot. I use some sports tape around the middle link of your finger, not on it, because then you can’t move your finger. This works good for me, but it might get itchy if you have the tape there for a long period of time. But if you like to tie the slip knot on the middle link of your finger, you would have to use some type of very flexible tape or maybe gloves. You can also try to be creative and find something yourself. If you do this, please tell us if it works great.

Hey pheenix thanks. I’ll try it and get back to you :smiley:

Signed(actually typed) the goopdawg :wink:

You want this to happen. Everyone (almost) goes through it. Eventually, you will develop a callous there, and that where the string will stay. If it hurts too much, just stop for a while, but after you get your callous it won’t hurt anymore.


Samad. I believe you have misunderstood the question. Its not about the pain but the loss of circulation. Pheenix has a good idea. Another good thing you can try is use something like Nu Skin on your middlefinger (not alot and only where you have the yoyo). This will create something a little stronger than your actual skin and may stop the tightening of the string. However, the Nu Skin is flexible so you can bend your finger.

I hope this helps!


Samad is correct in one way. When you start playing, your finger will suffer a bit. But you have to get used to that. Make your finger able to take that. It’s like how frenchmen learn to drink wine from the age of 12 and eat blue cheese. In the beginning, they don’t like it. But they get stuffed with it by their parents, so they will get used to it.

This may just be the worst comparison in YYE history. And i really hope i didn’t offend any frenchmen. But I also hope I made my point. No pain no gain.

I think the problem was about the loss of circulation. Not the burning.

Here’s what I do, I just wrap a layer of felt, or some other cushy-ish cloth around my finger. Your finger still toughens, but slowly.

Interesting idea. ;D

Its the same situation. It happens, he has to develop the callous. I know what I am talking about…okay, I don’t, lol, jk.

But mage, trust me, he has to develop the callous. This is the reason why. This is what people complain about. I am right (I don’t think I’m gonna be saying that often ;))

Sigh…I’m not funny

So use the felt, it lets your skin toughen enough to stand the string.

Yes - if it hurts too much stop - dont take it to the extreme :wink:

Folks, do not ever, for any reason, allow something to cut off circulation to a body part you have. I can’t even believe there’s two different sides to this discussion in this thread.

If it hurts, don’t do it. If it doesn’t hurt, don’t do it.

If parts are throbbing when they finally get blood back, you’re doing something wrong and need to correct it. Can’t even believe this was debated here.