Can I soak plastic in hydrogen Peroxide?

Well, I found out the Hydrogen Peroxide works to remove paint. Does it affect plastic? (Grind Machine?)

EDIT** Can I soak plastic in HP?

No, you should be good to go.

Great! I got some off by hand but I can’t get in the crevasses and inside.

And I tried rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, and the HP worked best and actually removed some paint!

Wait, can I soak it in HP?

With some intervals you should be fine but don’t get any on your hands it hurts like a ,well I don’t know maybe like dry ice. My pops got some one his foot and he said it burned. But yea it also works well with metal I used it to remove some paint from my longboard’s trucks.

It (HP) really only burns on open cuts. It’s basically a disinfectant.

Hydrogen Peroxide does not burn you… it might sting a little bit on an open cut, but that’s about it. It is a disinfectant and has long been used even as mouthwash. (note: I don’t suggest it, it tastes horrible and needs to be mixed with water).

The stuff you buy in stores is 3% I believe, which is totally harmless and in fact does work exceptionally well as a disinfectant on smaller cuts/scratches/etc. Current studies have suggested it’s actually a little too good at its job and kills off good bacteria as well, so it’s no longer the ‘recommended’ method, but it works.

Now, if by chance you have 93% hydrogen peroxide, you might want to be a little more careful as it’s used as rocket fuel. I’m guessing you probably didn’t buy that at the local pharmacy though :slight_smile:

(oh, and yea, it won’t hurt the plastic)


Okay thanks Eva One!