Can i mention yoyoing as a hobby in resume?

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Can i mention yoyoing as a hobby in resume?


If you want your prospective employers to know that you’re awesome, yes. What could it hurt?

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I have it in my resumé.

In my experience, employers tend to find it nerdy, childish and irrelevant.

I’m pretty sure when they read it they picture me in shorts and a propellor hat doing Gravity Pull.

I will keep it in my resumé.


It’ll be situational, depending on the job you’re applying for or the company at which you’re applying. But sure, I can see it being totally acceptable in most cases.

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You might be really surprised how it can transform a conversation and make people remember you which is definitely part of the goal with that kind of situation. :wink:

I know a lot of people who got the job because of connecting through YoYo.

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This is great.

I think that yoyoing where I live in is just unappreciated. It really should be interesting to employers. I certainly can’t see how it should do any damage at all to your job prospects.

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I like to make an emphasis on presentation in written form as “art of modern yo-yo” or something that indicates its more than just what they ‘think’ a yo-yo is - lol.


It’s all situational. A salesperson, anyone applying for a client facing role, or any position where an outgoing personality would be an asset probably shouldn’t list video game marathons as a hobby. Unless you want to sell video games. Yo-Yos could fall into that “quirky and interesting” category but ideally it should all highlight you as the ideal job candidate. Going back to sales, since that’s what I’ve hired most for, yo-yo contests could definitely be spun positively and not just neutrally. You’re competitive and you’re comfortable being in front of large groups of people. But again, there are definitely places where I’d avoid it. Big finance comes to mind.


Guys this reminds me of my favorite yo-yo story, one that I saw posted on Reddit a while back:

I had this job doing cold calls in a call center. One of the older guys that worked there started bringing in a throw and just basically using it as a fidget spinner while he was on calls. Within about 2 weeks the entire call center had a yo-yo in their hand. This lasted for about 4 months… until we all started learning tricks. Stuff was getting broken, yo-yo’s flying around, etc. Call volume/quality/sales went out the window and management banned yo-yo’s. This was such a crappy job that I was like “well, if I can’t play with my yo-yo while I’m on the phone, I’m out.” First and only time I’ve quit a job due to their yo-yo policy lol.



I work in the activities department for a resort and yo in spare time. If my boss walks in on me throwing / practicing he gets upset if I shove it in my pocket! He WANTS me to yo at work! 3 weeks ago I learned Brain Twister. I showed him. He smiled and asked if I could Walk the Dog. I said my yoyo is too expensive to roll on the ceramic tile floor. Granted, it was a $16 Sage but still.


Ok this part made me lol pretty hard :rofl:

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Same. Hahaha!


Its considered a STEM/STEAM toy now, so that helps. Also, mention that you mentor children through yoyoing… if you’ve ever taught a kid a trick, that is.


I guess walking the dog is fascinating to some people. I realize Brain Twister isn’t TOO advanced but for ME it was the most complex thing I have ever done until that point and I was proud of myself! I felt like he was saying “nice portrait you painted, can you draw a stick figure?”


If you show people a full contest performance, they will wait for you to finish and then immediately ask if you can walk the dog. 99% of the time.


Maybe it’s because as a kid they never hoped or dreamed of doing fancy sidestyle combos but tried and failed to do walk the dog so walk the dog is more fascinating to them. Three years ago I saw a guest at work with a yoyo and was amazed how easy he made rock the baby seem. I could barely do it then.


I think a key point in yo-yo’ing that you would want to put on the resume, is that there is no instant gratification. It’s actually quite opposite. It takes a ton of time to truly get good and learn to master a trick. I think that is a skill any employer would be looking for. Also, myself being an old dude - 45, it’s exactly what “my generation” thinks that the younger generation is lacking. So it would be worth it, in my mind, to add the fact that you have that skill, the “stickwithitness.”


I have it in my LinkedIn header


Yeah, but I think “National Yo-Yo Master” is considered more of an achievement than “I like to play with yo-yos” lol


Lol true. That’s one of the reasons I often wish I had followed some kind of career path in tech. Seems a lot more mellow. I know there can be long hours etc but from the outside looking in it seems appealing

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