Can I get this Titanium YoYo appraised?

Can I get this appraised, it’s a Ti BSP by Anti-Yo. Condition is great no Original packaging/pouch thought. I almost sold it for 200$ then I recently got a message of a 300$ then highest so far was 475$. This is special because unlike all BSP it’s both Gold halves Ti instead of half raw and half gold. All opinions will me appreciated , thanks!

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I’d take the $475 as quick as possible

I wouldn’t have priced it over the $425 mark even with it being anti-yo. It’s not stock and they fall into a very niche market of people that can afford them. Will be even harder to move in December and most of the major titanium collectors have dropped out.

I agree with Sparhawk in that it’s no longer a stock YoYo. For anyone who is a serious collector, that will work against you.
Anti-Yo is a brand that does seem to draw the more eccentric collectors.

I have one as well, and have been offered $500.00 for it several times, but those folks who offered me that much are rare.

Appraisals are great and all. But, something is only worth what someone will pay you for it. However, I am curious if that particular throw was intended to have both halves as gold or if someone just swapped it out.

I would take the $475 offer immediately.

It was swapped. They weren’t made with both gold halves… but even if they were, they were still assembled by humans so it just depends if someone likes both gold halves together or not.

i looked for hours for a gif of a stock market floor trader screaming SELLLLLLLLL!!!