Hey guys!


I love my BSP, but I’m looking to switch up my titanium love as I have a trade bug currently.

This one is all silver, never sparked, but has some raw marks from use.

Would consider other ti yoyos as well.

Depending on worth disparity, could add yoyo(s) or cash to swap, in either direction.

What is it forgive my silly question

If you have to ask, it’s not the yoyo for you :wink:

I always find it funny how people would opt to scoff or take jabs instead of opting to teach and enlighten. kudos to you sir you have truly added to your community

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It states that it’s a BSP. What else do you want to know?

To be honest I kinda doubt if the BSP worth more than other titanium throws.
The BSP plays so bad as a titanium throw and it’s just kinda for show off like, “look, I have a BSP.” In my opinion it’s probably worth less than $100.

Good luck though :slight_smile:

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My quote feature isn’t working. Weird.

As for what it is, its an Anti-Yo BSP. Its a rare one too in that it has two silver halves, as opposed to the bitone.

Ive been PM’d a few offers in the high 300 range already on my main BST.

It has a small vibe to it, as they all did. Otherwise, its a great yoyo. Have you played one?