Can I get a list of all the different lacerations, suicides, whips, etc.

(Shaneola) #1

My favorite kinds of tricks are lacerations, whips, and suicides.

I can find a couple kinds of whips and suicides but I know there’s different variations of the laceration. If anyone can list all the kinds of suicides, whips and lacerations they know it would be tubular.


There are more out there than anyone can think up off the top of their head… But to get ya started…
You can suicide almost anything… Green triangles, 1.5 mounts, even things that don’t have an official name…
Whips are just as variable… One of my favorites are hipster whips which Alexis jv does a tut of… Ninja vanish, jade whip… YouTube the “paul Han laceration” of course jade whip, iron whip, and it’s double… Slack trapeze… The list goes on…
And lacerations
Gt laceration, hidemasa hook, iwasawa’s tower laceration, the X laceration… Most of these have a reverse variation btw…

Just look around… There’s lots of material to work with… And you may just find a variation of your own

(Alex Fairhurst) #3

When I found out I liked whips and lacerations a lot this is what I went to:


(Jei Cheetah) #4



hey bro, go to They have a ton of videos on them, the whip, slack and hook section is pretty thorough.


The paul han laceration is the funnest trick in the entire universe. Learn a follow first though. Alexis JV does an amazing job teaching them both.