anyone know any whips, lacerations, and slaks that are not on this site???


Follow, Desperado, D-3, Slack 2or0, Sushi, Brent Stole, Ninja Vanish, Reverse Brent Stole, just search some tuts on youtube and you should find some.

1.5 Laceration.

Iwasawa hook.

A random hook I think I made up.
Its a plastic whip (sideways), with your left hand’s index finger there that makes it a hook + plastic whip.

Do a plastic whip (0.5 hook), but as the loop hits the yoyo, put your left index finger on the left of the yoyo, so the hook goes around and hooks the yoyo. You will get a sideways mach 5 mount, along with an extra swing. Roll to the left, roll around your right hand and you get a trapeze and his brother. Video coming soon.

I can’t exactly tell until there is a video, but I think what you are thinking of is called the 1.5 Laceration. I’ve done it many times.