Can I add flowable silicone to my yoyojam speedmaker?

I really like my yyj speedmaker, but it is a little too responsive for me. I was wondering if adding flowable silicone to the side with the O-ring will make it more unresponsive. Where can I get flowable silicone? And also, I have tried suction cups to get the off my caps on the yyj speedmaker, but it doesn’t work. Let me know if you have any ideas about that, thank you.

Adding silicone basically will widen the gap by removing the thick o-ring that protrudes above the gap, thus making it more unresponsive. You can find the silicone in hardware store and sometimes a grocery store. Flowable is the easiest to apply, at least for some people, but other types of silicone can be used as well. There are many videos on how to apply silicone.

If the suction cup isn’t working for pulling off the caps you could try some heavy duty tape like “Duct” tape. I’ve used both methods. Occasionally I just decide that the caps don’t matter to me and I just stick a hole in them and pop them off. It’s really up to you.

Oh I should mention… shims, a little plastic washer, or a very thin metal washer, can be placed between the bearing and the yoyo to widen the gap, making it less responsive. There is also the bearing. If the bearing isn’t broken in it will be a bit responsive. Playing the yo more will break the bearing in.

Thank you very much, where can I get shims. Is there any where other than online, because I really do not want to pay extra for shipping. Also, the speed maker caps are a little different than other ones. They are plexiglas glass so a knife would not do the trick. So with the tape, do I put it on and rip it off really fast?

You can make shims with any thin plastic. An old credit card works well. Sometimes I’ve been able to take my yoyo to the hardware store and try different washers in it. Some washers are very small and thin.

When using tape I cover most of the cap. Don’t try and pull it to the side, just straight away. As far as the caps being plexi, if you don’t want them in you can just drill a hole through the cap and get it off that way. Are the caps loose?

If you’re oging to the hardware store to find “shims”, DO take your yoyo with you. You want the shum to NOT have contact with the outer ring/race of the bearing, only the inner ring/race.The inner ring spins with the yoyo, while the outer normally stays rather still and on the string.

Alternately, many places carry shims. YYE carries YYJ shims in 2 thicknesses. I think they also carry Dif-E-O shims as well. The Dif-E-O ones are metal.

the caps are not loose. No matter how much I try with the suction cups.