Can blood hurt the finish of my yoyo?

So i was learning a new trick today when my yoyo jumped up and bit me! It took me a while to notice I was bleeding; needless to say there was a bit of a mess and got some blood on my 2014 Benchmark W, I cleaned it off and it seems to be fine, but i was just wondering if I have any thing to worry about; Can blood do any damage to the finish?

Nah. One Drop uses a blood repellant on their yoyos.

Started a long long time ago. There used to be a lot of Yoyo Vampire Raves in Eugene Oregon.
Most of them were ‘BYOB’ (bring your own Blood). With so many night crawlers carrying around 1 gallon buckets of Blood; it was quite common for people to find yoyos at the bottoms of the almost empty buckets.

So they add just a tiny bit of the repellant to the Ano solution; before they dip the yoyos. It is a very strong chemical. I think they only need to use about ‘One Drop’.

On a more serious note; blood won’t have any more effects on your Yoyo finish than it has on the finish of your face.

Blood can stain various finishes. But unless you bled all over your Yoyo and then left it out in the sun all day; I doubt it would blemish the finish.


Only if you’re a xenomorph.

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Lol, thanks for the awesome replies guys. I feel better about it and I’m going to start throwing balls out from now on. I’m going to see if i can invent my own one of a kind colorway!

Blood just adds character to yoyos.

I can’t speak for all blood, but human blood? Yeah, no problem.