Just wondering if any one in the usa can fix it for a resonable price.
Im trying to see if any one can tape it.

If just the axle threads are wrecked get a new one. You can probably get the right size at the hardware store. If they don’t have a set screw (no head) of the right size, get a normal screw long enough so you can cut the head off. Then use a fine file to smooth off the cut.

If the threads in the shell are cross threaded, you might be able to straighten them out w/a new screw. But it would be better to get a thread tap and run it in the hole to straighten them out.

If it’s really hosed you could re-thread it with the next size up screw threads and get a new screw for the axle. You really need a lathe to do this accurately. If you don’t have the tools, Landon Balk (3yo3) does this reasonably priced.

If you buy or have an extra nut of the proper thread size… you can smooth out the end of the thread where you chop the head off by simply running a steel nut over it from the other direction. It may take some pliers to force it through, but it will correct the thread for you.


Im sorry i didnt quite get that.

Also if yours is a yoyo that has a hole on the outside of the hub, you might be able to thread the axle in from the side with threads that still are correct and fix the mared up ones. good luck.
What kyle was saying is screw on a nut, then cut the bolt, then unscrew the nut and it will fix the threads where you cut the bolt.

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