Campfire,Heavy Hitter,FHZ,1st run PGM and 2 Dv888s for $175!!!!

Campfire - Half Green Half Brown. satined Rims. Small Marks.small vibe. VERY good undersized$50
Heavy Hitter- Blue has some scuffs and scratches. Still by far the best HH ive ever played. small vibe. VRY STABLE!$80
FHZ - Red wit Blue Caps. Mint. No response but a sili groove wit no sili… works good. dead unresposive. cool$15
1st Run PGM - Half yellow Half Blue. Has gunk on weight rim on yellow side from sticker. sorta a beater but BY FAR THE SMOOTHEST PGM EVR!barely any vibe! no stacks. soooo good!$20
2 Dv888s-1.Purple wit satined rims.2010.small vibe.3a marks and scratches.good.2.Aqua.beater.3a damage.Vibe…2010.Great 3a set!!!$55
I WILL PUT PICS UP ON REQUEST! I will provide them just not on my post… most likely ovr a txt. PLZZ BUY!