FT/FS: 888, P2, Silicone FHZ, PGMv1, stargazer v1

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US and Canada only please

Stargazer v1, slight vibe if your really picky other wise its great and only minor scuff marks on blue side $135

P2 is smooth, couple tiny scuffs Offer
B-grade 888 is smooth and the damage is only cosmetic (scuffs), Don’t know why it isn’t an a-grade $55
The Silicone-recessed FHZ is orange and no caps, its responsive half the time for some reason though, $10
PGM v1 no hubs, black body green rims, it works fine what else is there to say offer

Add $5 for shipping
Looking For:
Cash (Have paypal)
YoyoPlanet Big Bang
Madhouse Lucky 7

P2 pics:

Everything Else:


how much for the 888


How much for the midwest regionals FHZ?


How much would you want for the Aquarius shipped?


I have a aqua 2010 G5. It comes with only Z-Stacks. It has a few minor scuffs along the rim. Has no vibe and will come in the origional box. Would you like to trade your 888x for it? PM me if your interested.

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