Cameron Henderson - Beacon Surge (Surge video contest)


Pretty much the same tricks as my last video, but with better everything else. Enjoy! As always, any feedback is appreciated.


Really well done, Hendy! Editing, camera work, and directing really added a lot to an already slick bag of tricks.

The only missing thing was bacon. Needed more bacon and less beacon.


Hmm, I’m a actually a vegetarian so bacon would probably be out of the question. Beacon is the name of the old industrial town where we filmed it. Now it’s a pretty nice place with all sorts of cool businesses, but it still has a ton of abandoned, graffittied warehouses and stuff that I thought would be awesome for the video. I’m happy to take the credit for all the directing, and half of the editing, but the rest goes to my buddy who is fortunately really into filmmaking.


Tofu bacon. Problem solved. :wink:

Seriously, though, you’re right that it makes for a great setting for a yoyo video. Nicely chosen!

(Owen) #5



good video, superb editing, overall pretty good.


On my last couple videos I’ve been getting more compliments on the filming/editing than the content itself XD
Oh well I’m glad you liked it!


Nice entry. It reminded me of the original surge video.


Tricks were nice… Filming sucked… That what you wanted to hear? :wink:


I was kind of hoping to hear more of exactly what GregP said. But feedback is feedback regardless of what I’d like to hear. Now I know I need to work some more on my tricks if I’m gonna be doing more videos with this friends of mine XD

(hcjesse) #10

really nice video! tricks were on point, too.


Thanks dude, means a lot.



This thing hasn’t even garnered 150 views, and that’s including mine! I’d love some more feedback, positive or negative (but I’d like to hope it’s positive ;)).


I liked the editing (partially do to the great photography). The tricks were good(especially for eight or so months of yoyoing).