Cameron Henderson - Cold Spring


Here it is. After 8 months of throwing, I’ve finally turned out what I consider to be my first “major video”, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Enjoy everyone, and any feedback is appreciated!


Tricks were great, editing was fantastic, and the locations were it was filmed were excellent.


I’m honored!


Nice video, rockin that contestt shirt ;D

Couldnt wait for the under 1 year yoyo battle? :smiley:

I used to think I was progressing rather quickly then I see guys like you, Instinct, Hippos, etc. and I realize my progression is mediocre :smiley:


I filmed this video last week, before I knew about the battle. Idk if I’ll have much new stuff by then. I’m not gonna stress it too much.

And thanks man! As long as you’re moving forward and having fun, don’t worry about how fast you’re progressing. Everybody moves at different rates. Just keep at it.


Nice man! Filming, editing, tricks, all of it was really good! :smiley:

Is that a Sine//Saw? How is it?


Thanks! And yes, it is a Sine//Saw and it’s fantastic! My new favorite! Not too fast or slow or floaty or solid or anything, just all around great. It handles everything I can throw at it pretty well. Idk how it would work with really fast, dense tricks or horizontal (my two main weaknesses), but it’s served me very well. Can’t go wrong with that price too.

(Owen) #8


8 months?


Awesome! Everything about this video was great, I especially liked the binds at the end. Keep it up!


Yep. I believe the video was shot right on the mark.

(Owen) #11


Stephen Huang, you have met your match. (hipposlovecereal)

I cant believe how fast newer yoyoers are progressing, it took me 1.5 years to get half as good as you!


This is brilliant. Nice locations.


They’ll be battling it out in the under 1 year yoyo battle of mine so let’s see who’s best :wink: there’s also Instinct, don’t count him out!




That was an awesome video. The only issue I have is the camera pane in to the up close of you was great. I just think it came in a little to close. I think it would have been a lot better to be a little further away. Although, all in all it was a great video.



You can blame my friends for that one ;D