Calling all Louisianians!

Where you at? Looking for folks in the Ark-La-tex to throw with.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEA boy im in new orleans where you at

A fair bit north of ya. I’m up in Shreveport.

maybe we can fin some other LA throwers and choose a reasonable spot to meet up like every few weeks

That’s my goal

i think baton rouge so far would be our best bet

why not mississippi people here too… but naah on baton rouge it should be something more central louisiana i wasnt thinking about convenience that much


hammondite here. I would be willing to go to New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Hammond is smack between em, 45 minutes to each but i’m dieing to meet some other throwers in Louisiana. Im the only one I know. lol

same here lol my sister goes to southeastern and has an apartment in hammond maybe we can meet up there or some other place

Im In New Orleans!

Dude I run a club in la there is three people in it if y’all want to join pm me

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