I’m the only thrower I know, I’m trying to find some other folks around this area that would like to meet up on like a bi-weekly to monthly basis and showoff or whatever. I live in Hammond, LA but I’m willing to travel an hour or two just to meet someone else who knows how to do something besides around the world. I would even be willing to pick someone up or whatever, chip in for gas (lol). If your under 18 and would still like to participate I don’t mind as long as the peeps are cool with it. :wink:

if u ever get on here lol im 12 from louisiana my sis goes to southeastern

i (and subsequently VsNYYC) is from South LA :wink:

where? i live in river ridge


you live like 50 minutes from me

I’m close :slight_smile:

Jackson, MS, about 4hrs from NOLA

lol u live like 10 mins away from me good thing i didnt pay attention to my dumb side saying not to revive the thread