Any Louisiana throwers out there??

Hey guys, i’m new here on YYE and just figured that I would throw this out there and ask if there are ANY fellow yoyo fans in the not-so-great state of Louisiana??
I’m about to be completing a purchase off the BST from the first person i’ve actually spoken too that lives down here. And this disappoints me.

He mentioned that there may be a few others on here so, if that’s the case and one of you just so happen to be reading this, at this very moment then please…reply with whatever pride you can muster up and let’s get the LOUISIANA scene the start it so DESPERATELY needs!!! ;D ;D

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Yup yup so hopefully we will see others chime in here.

Other than having the pleasure of making a recent BST deal with Enjoit, I just know of Crosswhite and another pal of mine in real life as far as Lousiana throwers go. I know there are more, and at the least we can see who all is here and maybe organize a meetup in real life at some point.

I’m mostly on the North Shore and also in Baton Rouge regularly.

i THINK that VsNYYC guy and his yoyo thing a ma bobs are made in LA, but that may mean Los Angeles since apparently a city takes precedence over a state in internet laws…

yep. that should do it

Better late than never…but yep yep i’m still hanging in there. Also Nate Sutter lives in New Orleans. We have Jim Johnson and DMZ in Baton Rouge…though i believe they are more on the collecting side of things…

What up man? Yeah, I believe that Beezy had mentioned to me that I should try to get in touch with you. I would be sick to meet up with some people eventually and throw. I noticed that you had filmed a video of Nate throwin’ in NOLA, mostly in the quarter. Just had to give you props on that video dude. It was awesome to see someone showing love for the city like that. ;D

So do you live in the Nola/Kenner area or what?

hope you guys made it ok through the hurricane.

we didnt have power for days…

Ouch. We got really lucky over here in Lafayette, my power only flickered a few times, but we never had it go off. What part of the state are you from man?

Yup, power out for a few days. I couldn’t even charge my yoyos (just kidding).


So… anyone learn some new tricks lately, while waiting out the hurricane and its aftermath?

Also, to those interested, still down to meet up…

PS Crosswhite, you can have that YYJ Hitman from me.

i’m on the north shore, in slidell. I go down to NOLA pretty often to goto city park for disc golf. would love to meet up w other yoyoers. i’m still a noob. been throwin less than a month, but seem to be picking it up pretty quick. I can get the rewind like 3 out of 5 times. I’ve been learning a new trick like every other day. TRYING to make sure i’m smooth and consistant with them before I move on to a new one. it would be great to possibly learn some new things and actually meet other throwers in the area.

Hey man it’s great to hear from another one of us! And here I was thinking this thread was necro…

Yeah, it seems that most of us are in your area. So how did you stumble into yoyo’s??

Bump, just because.

So… crosswhite is not on the forums that much but he and I have met up a few times, once every few months or so, to throw down and it was a lot of fun. We hope to get more yoyoers out in the future but until we get any real meet ups happening with a more diverse set of ages, please be over 20 because it would just be weird to have grown dudes hanging with kids (sorry, no offense).

Other than that, hopefully both Enjoit and NOLAcuber will be able to hang too sometime, it’d be great to meet other yoyoers in real life and exchange tips and tricks. Cheers!

Man, am I glad I stumbled out of the General Forum today to see this freshly bumped thread. I’ve only just started throwing, but it’s great to see there are a few more of you Louisianians out there than I previously thought. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the Mardi Gras season.

Also, thanks for mentioning that Nate Sutter video, Enjoit. I sniffed it out and gave it a watch. I definitely wouldn’t mind more throwers in the Quarter.

Louisiana guy right here also! :grin:

Wow, look at all of us now. Yeah I do have to say that I agree with Beezy on the whole being of -this age- to meet. I could definitley see how the whole grown men lurking in street corners playing with yoyos thing could be a bit disconcerting to a concerned parental unit. :-\

It seems that most of us are more toward the NOLA area, so I’m assuming that a meet would be somewhere in the same area…that would be fun.

Anyway, how ya been Beezy!? :wink:

It’s a party! :slight_smile: Shoutout to Enjoit.

Great to see other Louisiana peeps popping up here. I know of a couple others in the area as well that haven’t posted in the thread.

And just to clarify on the age thing… because I am a parent I know that I would want my son hanging out with his peer group and not only an older crowd. If a bigger meet up ever happens it would be great to make it an all-ages thing.

Until then, at least say hi and represent.

Hi to Infinitehexick and brittybyte!

Oh WOW thats a great pic… Never seen one in person… But I live in Massachusetts… HAHA I would love to go the NO and LA some day!!! Good luck to you all on getting a club going. One thing that keeps me going is the clubs we have and all the fun we have as a group of throwers!!!

I would like to see New Orleans someday too. My father was from LA…a town called Bastrop :-\ I never got to see it, but I think I’d love it. I hear you have some great food spots there too. Maybe someday…

Haha Damn Beezy is throwin’ like a REAL louisianian. Yeah, Totalartist I believe Bastrop is pretty far north in the state. I’ve never really got to see what too much of north louisiana looks like, but I know that when you start getting further north the scenery gets really beautiful.

They call the city I live in the flats, so yeah, not too many gorgeous mountain ranges anywhere. :-\

So yeah, I had to give Totalartist props on the yoyo holders you make. Have you been working on anymore latley?

Haha, thanks. You are certainly right that being able to meet with throwers helps keep each other motivated.

Also, in the photo if you look closely at the string it looks very fuzzy. That’s like 5 minutes with a regular poly string in the summer here. MEGA HUMIDITY!

Yup, NOLA is a unique place. Louisiana has good food and people, it’s worth a visit at least once. :slight_smile:

I should look at the forums more often…seems we are getting more yoyo’rs everyday down here. Ok guys lets stop procrastinating and lay down some official dates, times, and places. We’ve been meeting on the northshore (Mandeville) which has a great spot called the trailhead we can meet. i’m down for this weekend…who’s with me! P.S. swing in the chat! i’m in there ALOT more than the forums.