Calling ALL CAL STATE SUMMIT owners!


Hey everyone.
I am calling upon all California State Run Summit owners.
I need as many as I can get my hands on for a project (don’t worry, I will sell once the project is over and won’t be hoarding).
I WOULD suggest receiving them in loan, but we all know that doesn’t work.
I will most likely have to purchase them.
If you know of anyone who owns one, please let me know.

Part of the reason for this thread being in the general section is one question I have.
Does anyone know if raw summits were ever produced as well?
I would need a few to complete this project.

Thanks! ;D


There are no CLYW products retailed as raw metal, only the prototypes are raw. You’d have to de-ano


No raw Summits.

You have my curiosity - what is this project?


It will be tough for me to pull off. It is something that can be framed, that is my only hint. :wink:


Could anyone attending BAC search for owners who can contact me?
I will provide finders’ rewards, yo-yos if you so please. 8)


He’s gonna rob various banks around his area. Leaving behind a single summit at each bank.
He wants them raw so the fingerprints of the previous owners are more noticeable.

He’s going to “frame” everyone

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If its for pictures i dont think it matters but from watching the doc the Cal States Summits were anoed baby blue and silverish, the silver ones are the lighter version at half a gram lighter, right?


You forgot the XD.


I thought there weren’t any differences.
It isn’t necessarily about colors, but about the fact that they’re Cal Sate Editions. (I know, sounds really stupid to hunt down the same color and weight of a yoyo for an ‘edition’ that was really unofficial)
It would make the project lose its touch otherwise.

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ok fine


There you happy? :smiley: :smiley:


I’m really curious as to what you are
Doing with these lol


They don’t have raw but the polished nickel should make the same effect.


I remember on the Summit doc when they were selling them they were telling people “yeah thats the light version” so I assume they were selling both the"light" and “heavy” versions, but you know what they say about people who assume ;).

Really a half of a gram, Im sure if I gave a version to someone blindfolded they would have a hard time telling the difference.

It is cool trying to tell the difference though, thats why I really want to try and collect the different weights of the Chief =).


This is correct. There were only 3 proto types available at cal states last year. I happen to own 1 of them. This version is slightly lighter.