Cal State Expectations

I haven’t been up to date with the recent comings and goings of the community. However, I am going to Cal States this Saturday. Any new releases, protos, etc. that I should check out? Or new players?

Maybe Ernie will have a few Prophecies.

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Going to be a few new things to check out at the YoYoExpert booth!

Flight, Cyborg 2, and new Japan Collection from YoYoFactory. Also Tylor’s new edition of the Diamondback 2 and Tessa’s Transcend pre-release from YoYoJam!

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Wait is the Redondo Beach comp still this Sunday?

Dude, go to the Tropic Spins Booth - they’re gonna have some… wait… i can’t say yet

whaaaaattttttttt? Tessa getting a siggy? That’s awesome!

I need to play it.

Im excited to try a flight! I dont really do 4A much, but hearing about it and seeing what yoyofactory is doing with it, I definitely want to pick one up if I can!

You don’t want to know what Bendich called it.


I watched part of the EYYC15 live at and now it’s over. Does anybody know when is the next time they stream it live and it’s going to be the finals right?

Gen-Yo Prophecy proto.
Check it out

Thanks guys! I’ll try to check out everything mentioned.