CAD Design?

Hey guys, i just wanted to know what are some CAD programs that are fairly cheap and easy( easier)

any input is great, thanks!

A student version of solidworks is pretty darn cheap. It is one of the easiest CAD packages to learn.

OMG!! I cant believe you actually responded!! ;D :stuck_out_tongue: Do you have a link or something where i can find it directly?

This is one i found.

Rhino 3d has is great. You can save as pretty much any CAD file you would need. Its easy to learn, and the demo is free and full for 25 saves, which is plenty.

I’ve been using Cubify Invent. It’s intended moreso for 3D Printing, but it is a very easy to learn CAD program. Really cheap compared to some others I’ve looked at.

I’m fairly sure you can get Inventor 2013 for free if you sign up. That’s what I did. It’s a student version, but it can do pretty much everything the normal one can do.

i do everything thru solidworks as well

Copied from one of many similar threads:

You can get Autodesk CAD for free from their student site. It’s pretty awesome! now if I only knew how to use it haha…

I believe Google SketchUp is free as well as the student version of AutoCAD.
We’ve just finished using them both in my Design class and they are fairly self explanitory to use.

Hope this helps!

I started by taking a Mastercam course at my local Junior College.
You will learn how to do basic modeling, and program the machines.
Most colleges off it.
Those skills I was able to use later to make a living.

I have a student license of Autodesk Inventor which i got through school (Mechanical engineering). Just the same as Solidworks, really. Different layout and menu-placements, but esentially the same thing.
Can use it as long as i am a student.

The full versions of these softwares are rather expensive (up to 10000$ per license), and in my experience you have to get your cheap as dirt/free licenses for students through your school. Which means that if you study economy, you probably wont get one.