Free 3D modeling program?

I’ve used programs like Inventor CAD at school, and wondering if there are any programs similar to it that can be downloaded for free. I’m running Ubuntu as my OS, so the program being compatible to it would be nice. Thanks!

First go to set up a account, set up as student, and free auto cad, inventor pro, ect … Profit???

Search up Google SketchUp on google, I use it for just about everything from cars, to go karts, to dirtbikes, to yo-yos. It’s simple, easy to use, and works well.

Don’t think it’s compatible with Ubuntu.

For 3d CAD work on linux without running a VM, just about your only option is FreeCAD. It works, but it is still very beta. It’s what I’ve been using all this time. Here’s a forewarning though, it will crash at some point. Save often.

For modeling, Blender is what everyone uses.

Blender doesn’t seem to run well on my computer. But I’ll try the FreeCAD, thanks!