C3yoyodesign vanitas

Anyone tried the c3yoyodesign vanitas and can give reviews on it? Maybe compare it to another bimetal? Thanks!

Very light and wide, almost reminds me of a 4a yoyo. If you like regular sized v shapes I’d recommend the edolass from them instead, it’s incredible!

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hows the play difference between vanitas and edolass in ur opinion?

Edolass is straight up power and stability, super quick and feels solid on the string. You can really feel the rim weight make the yoyo just kinda take off super fast when it’s being thrown. Vanitas on the other hand feels much lighter, has a bit of “lag” in the way it floats. The edolass will me moving constantly because of its weight distribution however you might need to put in a bit more movement to get the same effects out of the vanitas. Vanitas is also much wider so doing tricks where you’re catching big slack loops is just going to be easier than with the edolass. I would say edolass is a bit more speed-competition driven whereas vanitas is more of a chill, slower competition yoyo that can also handle anything you want to throw at it.

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