c3 Master Galaxy, GONE

[s]Selling/ Trading a blue Master Galaxy by c3 yoyo design.

I don’t really care for yoyos this wide

-has purple splash
-is pretty
-has two dings, one on each half
-stupid me walked home with this and two quarters in my pocket, the side with logo is pretty messed up (I try to show it in the picture)
-comes with center trac bearing that may need to be cleaned, it’s responsive
-put in a flat yyf bearing I found in my One, it’s unresponsive now
-pretty great for finger+rim grinds
-slight vibe
-can come with box if requested

dings from quarters don’t mess up throws at all

^somewhat shows dings on side^

^more closely shows damage^

^one ding on one half^

^other ding, other half^

(sorry I couldn’t figure out how to put in the pictures so I screen shotted them and put them on those links)

Money, offer.
One Drop yoyos
Really anything that isn’t to big (wide)

just shoot me offers in the PM, I’ll try to respond to them all

also-- send me a PM if you want a specific picture of anything[/s] traded