C3 Capless help!

I recently got a C3 Capless and it is a very great yoyo. However, I am trying to learn Ninja Vanish and far too often the yoyo likes to shoot back to my NTH. It hurts, so does anyone know how to fix this issue

First question- when you tug on the yoyo, does the string wrap around the bearing?

Yes sometimes

Maybe your bearing isn’t clean enough. Or maybe you have some dirt around the bearing seat.

If string is wrapping around the bearing then it has become responsive or one of the pads has come loose a bit and is encroaching on the gap. Swap bearings, if you have a spare, to rule out any bearing issues. If it is the bearing then just clean it and try again. If it is the response pads, replace them with a fresh set or silicone the yo-yo.

Before you clean it make sure the string isn’t double wrapped around the bearing, this will cause it to be more responsive.

Whenever I pull up the yoyo string does circle around the bearing. This is a brand new yoyo.


A straighter throw can help. If your yoyo is spinning at an angle, the string might be rubbing on the response pad and the slack is getting pulled into the gap, causing the yoyo to come at you with “attitude”.

However, many yoyos have NEW bearings that need cleaning. My Capless was fine out of the box, but you might need to clean yours. Swap the bearing or clean it.

Also, what string are you using? The included string is fine, but if you’re using something thick, it’s more likely to grab.

This is a classic sign that your bearing needs to be cleaned.

How do I clean it?

Get acetone(well, that’s what I find gives me the best result), remove the bearing from the yoyo, remove the shields from the yoyo, soak and agitate in the acetone for 5 minutes(1 minute shaking, 4 minutes soaking), remove from acetone, spin dry. Lube using the needle method(dip needle in lube, touch that drop to 1 or 2 balls, spin)(or in my case, I use Dry Play), replace shields(optional, I like to replace the shields), put back in yoyo, re-assemble yoyo, play yoyo.

Other suitable solvents include mineral spirits and lighter fluid. Don’t use nail remover acetone, it’s got stuff you don’t want in your bearing in that solution. You want pure acetone if you’re going to use acetone.

How did you string the yoyo? Unscrew and then wrap string around the bearing? Or did you string the yoyo while the halves are still closed? Possibility: you may have screwed the halves together with a tiny bit of string in the bearing seat. You can get bits of string frizz into the bearing. Swap bearings and you will definitely know if it is the bearing or not.

ninja vanish is one of those tricks that will return to your hand if not done smoothly. The method is to not give the the yoyo slack to grab onto. IE the string stays taught through the whole trick. Try popping the yoyo up at angle towards your body instead of straight up when you do the whip. Swing the yoyo away from your body to the side of your non throwhand then pop it towards your throwhand side. Try to catch the yoyo with the loop before the yoyo makes it’s descent. This is how I learned. Cleaning your bearing will help you learn, but is not nessecary. Also give your bearing time to break in, cleaning is highly overrated in MY opinion. I keep all my bearings lubed. Yes it spins shorter, but it spins and plays much smoother in MY opinion.

Not if your yoyo is completely unresponsive.

While the trick can probably be done on a semi-responsive yoyo, I’d hate be learning it using one.


Exactly. You can screw up the trick royally and if your yoyo is totally unresponsive, you won’t get a rap on the knuckles for your efforts.

The bearing is likely responsive. I’m on the side of “clean it” (including blowing debris out with compressed air if you have that option) but if it’s responsive because of too much lube, you can always just keep playing until it’s broken in.

So many people seem to have problems with the capless even I did when I bought one it would turn responsive for no reason even with a clean bearing it sucks to be honest cause its such a great throw. Maybe that’s why it’s only 65$ cause it messes up, I’ve been wanting Another capless but way to many factors have stopped me from getting one, especially the fact that it will turn responsive without warning

My Capless had a bit of a responsive period near the beginning, too, but after a day or two, it hasn’t steered me wrong since!

If you’re not using the stock bearing, apparently some other bearing brands should have their shields removed first.

I had concerns about the Capless which was why I held off buying one for a bit. I did manage to play one at a meet I ran and I had to get one after that.

My Capless has been performing exactly as expected since I got it: Dead responsive, amazing and no mechanical issues.

If your tried a centered bearing even if its kinda dirty it will be a whole lot better