C13 vs. 888

what yoyo do you think is better

(can the c13 spin on its nubs like the 888)

Neither the C13 or the 888 is better than the other. It is all based on personal preference.

And no, the 888 and C13 both can’t spin with nubs.

For the first question, use Samad’s answer
For the 888, you can only spin on its hubstacks, for the C13, you cannot spin with the nubs but you can attach hubstacks on it, but it is not recommended as it may cause vibe.

umm i know im a noob for asking but whats a nub???

umm i know im a noob for asking but whats a nub???

It is the little rubber piece you can put on the end of a yo-yo that excepts hubstacks to protect/ cover the area when hubstacks aren’t on the yo-yo.

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/86/YYF-C13 You see that black thing in the middle? That is a nub.

nubs really dont do anything.

Nubs are used to cover the metal post where hub stacks would go. Protects fingers during play. (Used if you do not want to have hub stacks on yo-yo).