C size spacers


Are there any c sized spacers with a shape similar to the duncan for or fast 201 spacers?


The Fast 201 uses an A-sized bearing.

If you want C-sized spaces, you could look at the YoYoFactory spacers for stuff like the Protostar and Northstar.


Err that was suppose to be an or, not a for; autocorrect on my phone!


Restate the question then. I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask.



Just looking for c sized spacers, with the general duncan/fast design of having bearing seats on the spacers, which are flat on opposing side. Sorry for the confusion!


Most spacers are flat on one side, with a “seat” on the other side.

Again, the YYF Spacers for the Protostar/Northstar would be what you want, then sand off the extension on the other side might be a good option.


The terminology is that those are bearing seats, not spacers. They are just not integral to the yoyo body.