C clips


So I’m trying to clean my konkave ceramic, but for some reason I can’t get the c clips out. One spins when trying to get underneath it, and the other just simply won’t come out. And for anyone who owns a konkave, the cracks to get to the c clips are deeper and smaller than most bearings.


I have the trouble with any bearing. i use to be able to get the clips off on some bearings but not its just like i can’t no matter what.


Same here


Assuming you’re left handed, pinch the bearing sides(where the shields are) with your thumb and index finger. This should prevent MUCH of the slipping that might occur. Make sure your pinch gets the outter ring, the shield AND the inner ring. It’s not difficult to do this.

After that, there rest is practice, luck and a good light source. It can be done.


The weird thing is, I can’t even get it of of y terrapin anymore.


Thanks, I’ll keep picking. Haha