BvM2 vs chief

I cant decide which throw to get im leaning towards the BvM2 because i want to compete soon i dont care about floatyness or stability i want something i can throw any trick at ( that means horizontal ) i hear the BvM2 is great for competition but lacks personality per say this is my first clyw so i dont know what to expect im very excited thanks in advance

Both fantastic throws and if you’re quoting me on the BVM2 vs Cliff thread, then yup, the BvM2 is a much more compeition-y throw. Rock solid and fast when pushed. Low edge handles horizontals reasonable well and the finish will grind great. Don’t let that axle hub fool you either, those finger spins tricks that are popular right now are easy enough to pull off with the right technique.


They’re both incredible. From a pure competition standpoint, BVM2. That extra stability is just there.

thanks! Is it smooth?

It’s as smooth as any other CLYW.



You say this like they’re vibey… But yeah it’s silky.