Buying “used” vs new yoyo’s

Im looking at buying a few yoyo’s. Is there any advantage to buying new vs used? I certainly don’t want something that is all beat up but also don’t want to pay full retail when I’m just starting out. Do the bearings wear out very often? I see a lot in the buy and sell section here.

Used will be cheaper, just check the pics and descriptions for damage. If they mention M (mint), NM (Near Mint), Like New, etc than there should be little to no damage. So no worries there.

bearings do not go out alot. A good cleaning can fix most that are not doing great. They are cheap enough and common enough that it should be an issue on way or another.

I highly recommend buying used, just look for mint condtion throws and check people’s feedback. Over half of my case is used throws from this forum.

To contrast, the advantages of buying new:

  • All the big stores can be trusted. Don’t have to worry about checking trader feedback.
  • You can easily pick the color/design you want
  • No communication needed. Just pick what you want, and pay for it
  • You’re more directly supporting yoyo stores and the manufacturers.

I’ve thought a lot about the last one lately. Buying used does support the stores and manufacturers in an indirect way, if it puts money back into the market that is spent on buying new yoyos. Definitely not the case with a “quitting sale”. My personal philosophy is to buy new if it’s available. I try to only buy used, if it’s no longer available from a store or manufacturer.

I frequently buy used in a lot of situations in life. Fishing gear, musical instruments, cars, etc. Cheaper. Less impact on the environment. etc.

However, I find buying yoyos used to be a 50-50 proposition at best. It really depends on who you are dealing with. A good seller is easy. A bad one can drive you mad. Crappy communication, slow shipping, badly packed, condition not as described, and so on.

If you’re buying from a respected active member of the community who just has a few things they want to sell to clear out some space in the yoyo case, you’re probably good. If you’re buying from someone having a quitting sale (and thus doesn’t care about their reputation any more), some rando who happens to have a yoyo for sale, or some underage kid (sorry youngsters, a huge percentage of the problems I’ve had have been with the young folks), your chances of being frustrated get a lot higher.

I’ve bought and traded for used yoyos and will likely do it again in some circumstances. But generally, saving $20 isn’t enough of a reason for me to deal with the hassle. I’ll just buy new.

+1! my thoughts/experience exactly no matter the hobby. is a few dollars worth headaches or getting less than you want/paid for? i prefer a warranty and not having to worry about receiving a box of nothing or someone else’s problems. i do purchase frequently from used sections on forums but usually only if i can find a detailed history of happy customers for the seller. I’m past all of the games and buying on the internet from a total stranger can become a game of when and why fast. always use paypal goods and services if you have any slight doubt to protect yourself. and if it seems too good to be true, well you know the rest. good luck and have fun!

I love that the BST exists so I can get yoyos that are old and out of production but I try to buy new whenever possible.

Basicly the same as any thing. Buying used gets you the access to limited production models, out of date production items, cheaper stuff ect. But you have to deal with people who are not a business.
Buying new you get what is currently available, its new and will work right or be replaced ect. Cost’s more almost always. Easy transaction. Think craigslist vs target. lol

This is a great analogy.