Buying a ProtoStar?

I just started yoyoing a week ago.

I guess I’ve been learning at a decently fast rate with Peter Fish Luminators.
However, I found that I kept breaking them and that its lightweight/smaller build was getting difficult to yoyo with.

I was recommended by a friend to buy a ProtoStar. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this yoyo and I managed to buy the last red ProtoStar on the YoYoExpert shop (the gray ones look terrible).

I know how to bind and am currently working on trapezes.

Is this too early of a stage to buy a ProtoStar?
What are some more pros/cons about the yoyo? (I heard it’s really loud)

Thanks in advance.

A bit too early to buy one. Since you usually need to get on something like a trapeze to bind.
And… From what I’ve heard, the gap is a bit too big to learn binding with. Then again, that’s personal, so yeah. Good choice in general there, though. :smiley:

Since you are relatively new to yoyos, it would be the best choice. It may be harder to learn to bind with, but you won’t regret buying it in anyway. Great yoyo, but not he best beginner yoyo. Then again, I leaned my basics of string tricks and binding on the wide gap of a YYJ new breed.

i think it is to early for you to go to a protostar since it is your first week of yoyoing.

because going from a luminator to a protostar is a BIG diffrence.

but the protostar is not loud its just the centertrack in it…

throw some thick lube or sewing machine oil and it will be responseive to learn and get smoother

Is it really harder to bind with a ProtoStar?

I know how to do a basic bind from practicing with my friend’s old Dark Magic.
My trapezes are fine except I just have trouble landing it sometimes …

It may not be the best beginner yoyo…

But when you’re able to bind with that yoyo…
It’s very good… Not a bad choice at all…
Just continue to learn to bind with that…