Buyers from Malaysia


Okay, so I postd a bunch of electronics on ebay and more than one buyer messaged me that they want me to ship to malaysia and will add an extra $100 for the cost. Suspicious part is, their ebay acount is like a day old and their paypal acounts are stuff like jim8770. I don’t feel comfortable with this. Is there any way they could defruad me or something?


Frankly, I’d skip the deal.


Overseas transactions, especially with new accounts, always make me skeptical. I’ve shipped to Malaysia and Thailand, but both buyers were reputable. As long as they pay through PayPal, you should be fine. PayPal once held the funds for a few days with one of those buyers, just to make sure everything was legitimate.


About how much does it cost to ship to malaysia?


Depends what you’re shipping. I sent 3 yoyos in a regular box first class for around $20, the package to Thailand for comparison cost about $30.

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Dont do it. He will prob send you the money, wait for the yoyo to arrive, and then charge back the $300 and the cost of the yoyo. Don’t do it. This is a pretty common scam.


Unless you have tracking to the door, and can prove reciept, including signature, paypal won’t even consider protecting you. The cost for international signed for is probably at least $75 USD, could be more.

You could use Global Express Guaranteed, and require them to pick it up.

Otherwise, look at some other signed delivery service like DHL, or just skip it.

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Plus who would pay $300 for shipping? That is just stupid…


Trust your gut on stuff like this. If it sounds suspicious or too good to be true, it is.


Don’t do it