Someone i can trust

so here is the thing i wanna buy a yoyo online from a site any it says paypal onlt the thing is paypal doesont include Egypt so is there is someone i can trust to send the yoyo to hi address and its free shipping so u wont pay a thing then send u my address to send it to me in Egypt? :-[ ???

One problem. They’d have to pay to send it to Egypt. International shipping is going to be at least $10(us)

if u agree i can send it to u buy airmail to the US which is free shipping as they wrote and u can send it to me in Egypt an i will pay the shipping which will be like 2 or 3 dollars cuz the yoyo id just 65g

Sending yoyo to Egypt is not 3dollar lol. Yoyo sites charge us 5 dollar for us to us shipping.
Shipping to Egypt would cost atleast 10 dollar
Plus shipping with tracking number would atleast be 20

mmm its not a yoyo site and it says airmail 0:00$ also yeah what is shipping with tracking no. link to site
P.S i hate shipping fees lol

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That is a very beautiful yoyo for a very cheap price, if I wasn’t completely broke (literally) I would help you just to see that thing in person. Is that some sort of an ebay-like site? If not I might have to pick one of those up someday :smiley:

i will be glade if u can help and thanks any any now any one would like to help me :’(

deal extreme is 100% legit i buy things from there all the time you have nothing to worry about

i know but paypal is does not include Egypt

X-ConVict rip-off. Cool.

You should be able to tell paypal that you’re in the U.S. or something and make up an address, then just tell that site your actual address for the shipping address on the yoyo.

is that possible never thought of that thanks will try and tell u

That might actually work unless fady wants to link their bank account to their paypal account, in which case they need correct info to confirm the bank account.

yeah i wanna know how to unlink it to be possible for me to ship it to egypt directly ?

Just don’t link it to your bank account. If you linked one and can’t unlink it, you can probably make a new account.

i will try this then tell u and really its free shipping cuz its air mail :wink:

Yup, THIS :smiley:

Cool, it is a X-Convict Rip-off. Tell me how it plays if you receive it. $12.50 sounds really good if it like an X-Convict!

sure man if i got it i will PM u :wink: