Butterfly axle replacement. (easy mod)

I thought I’d take advantage of the day off and replace the axles in a couple of Duncan Butterflys I had laying around.  All it takes is glue,  1/4" dowel, tape and pennies.  Give it a try.  You won’t believe the difference.

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okay could you give more information on how you took the butterflys apart and inserted the dowels.

I take them apart by inserting a flat wooden spatula in the gap (anything flat that is soft enough not to scar the plastic will work) and twisting it side to side. This will break one side loose. You can then pull it apart by hand. The axle will be left in the other side. Just grab it with some pliers and twist while pulling to get it out.

I put a little glue on the dowel and insert it in the first half. All you have to do is push it in as far as you can with the yoyo sitting on a hard surface. Then put in your shims to set the gap (I use 2 pennies taped together) and put glue on the other end of the dowel. Put on the second half and squeeze it together until it’s tight on the shims.

What size dowel is that? I’ve got a $3 orange butterfly that I bent the axle on and would like to try this out.

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