Burnside axle size?

I need to know the length of the Burnside axle for a mod, is it the same length as a 12mm YYF Axle or longer? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

how about you just get a ruler and measure the axle?

Because I don’t have a Burnside and that comment was completely unnecessary and a waste of my time. It’s pretty obvious I would measure it if I had a Burnside.

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Actually, it isn’t obvious.

A while ago, a guy was asking a ton of questions. Turns out he HAD the yoyo in his possession, he just couldn’t be bothered to make an effort to measure stuff. He spend a few days asking questions that he could have answered himself without most of his questions in less than 5 minutes, then he got all nasty about it.

It’s best not to assume.

Ok, I didn’t think anyone was that stupid. I’m getting everything but the answer right now.

Think its a m4 12mm long, but not sure.

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Thanks! Can anyone confirm this?

Email one drop. They’ll tell you for sure.

It is 16mm!

^^That’s a long axle.

not really, a markmont axle is like a little over 20mm :stuck_out_tongue:

I said the spiked axle I cut for the Markmont was over 30mm, a stock Markmont axle is only around 20mm.