Bundle deal and others


Pics of my yoyos can be found here

Add $5 for shipping to anything you’re purchasing

Northstar (has cracks on orange hub)-$10
Fiesta XX (has a chip/mold mark)-$8
MIP lightup zero-$15
Starbrite (bad vibe)-$5
Phantom (has dings and marks on rims)-$4
Genesis(one scuff, a scratch, and 2 small dings)-$35
Honey Badger(has 1 or 2 dings)-$20
ProZ (no bearing or spacers)-$2
I’ll sell everything in the group picture which is everything above this for $70 and I’ll toss in one of the yoyo pouches

I also have these for sale:
Overdrive (MWB A grade)-$95
Stargeyser (MWB A grade, has minor vibe)-$65
CalicoJoe Zero (mint, I also have a large bearing difeyo spacer kit for duncans I’ll toss in)-$45
08 888 Prepro (these were release to commemorate the 07 prepro and there was only 8 released, has some weird tarnishing since it’s 7075 I believe)-$65

Pouches are $4 each

I’ll sell Everything listed except you only get 1 pouch for $290 shipped

(system) #3