Cheap delrins, Modded Zero, Oxy, and other plastics


Add $5 for shipping

yoyos found here

Northstar (has cracks on orange hub)-$5
Oxy 3vo(1 flat spot and light scratches)-$35
Blue 2011 WYYC pinacle(no damage but has a rusty bearing)-$5
White 2011 WYYC pinnacle(minor scuffs and rusty bearing)-$5
Halo(no dings or scuffs but it’s a little dirty)-$20
Severe(light surface scratches from sitting in my case)-$20
ta1s(some black marks on the rings that can’t be felt)-$20
Replay(a couple black scuffs)-$10
Sili recessed enyo highwall FHZ(green caps are cracking)-$20
taka glitter fhz caps-$4
Yoyo Pouches-$3

I’ll sell everything with a pouch for $135 shipped

The bearing on the northstar is dead atm since I can’t try cleaning it. The bearings in the 2 pinnacles are rusted but still work.

Also taking trade offers to feel free

Really want a skyline for some reason so if you have a mint green monster or starry night I’ll offer you a trade


Do you ship to Toronto?


would you take this for the honey badger? it is a g funk.


would sell the lunatic, honey badger, and glamour for $45 shipped


Still have the Fools Gold?


honey badger, glamour and lunatic for $45 shipped


hey man sorry about that can u unblock me?

i just want the ava for 40


would u trade a slightly dinged summit for ur fg avalanche thats mint and ur code 2 or something else


will sell all 3 plastics for $15 shipped

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