Bunch of old yo-yos I got from a friend. S/T

A bunch of old yo-yos I got that I’m looking to trade PM me for pics or offers.


  • Dark Magic - White (6/10Rims are worn down, no plastic caps but I still have the paper artwork [one has a drawing on the back])
    -Original Speeder - Black (8/10Pretty decent condition other than your standard rim wear over time)
    -Mini Mo-Tu - Clear Red (8/10Some stuff on the rims, could be easily cleaned up)
    -Spinfaktor HG - Green (7/10 Minor damage on the rubber, no caps)
    -Black Knight - Yellow (8/10Some rim wear)
    -Original Freehand -Red (9/10 Minor bumps on the edges caps are in really good condition, only 1 scratch on the Duncan logo)
  • Matrixx - Blue (10/10 Great condition overall)
  • 2 Yomega RB IIs - Glow + Clear dark green (5/10 Both in great condition but are in need of spacers[still have the bearings])
  • Yomega Raider - Clear/White (8/10 Some smudges on the side that could probably be cleaned)

Things I’m looking for
Polo’s or Galaxy Edition Horizon
Pretty much any decent offers in paypal or yo-yos that are in good condition