Budget “MCMO”

So I recently acquired an MCMO thanks to @Buzz (awesome guy and awesome transaction). I wanted to sort of compare the Recess Joyride to the MCMO. First off I know they are a lot different and play a lot different. I do however think you can get a very similar experience and enjoyment out of a throw like the Joyride for a fraction of the cost. I think I paid $35 for a new Joyride and a used MCMO can go for $110+. They are both organic, similar specs and both are really good. Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone wanting a nice organic but can’t justify spending $100ish. I am super happy with my purchase and I am in no way saying that the MCMO isn’t worth the money. It’s definitely one of my favorite yo-yos of all time.


However one of the two will literally last forever and can be unscrewed with no worry of stripping the threads.


He said in the post:

No need to come to the MCMO’s defense here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Agree that the MCMO needs no defense or introduction, as it is widely considered one of the best organics of all time… however, it’s worth mentioning that buying @Markmont products brand new is supporting Black owned businesses, which is super important and definitely worth the extra $$$ to me!


Ohhhh nooooo I’m just saying side effects are super durable. I love the joyride so so much.


Also you are paying for brand. You are paying to support markmont. You are paying to have a product from an American manufacturer. You could compare prices of a million yoyos and find similarities in a bunch. I think that this is good info for someone on a budget though!


Both are awesome throws indeed, but besides I agree that supporting Mark and the guys from OD is important to me, there’s a reason, why I had 1 Joyride ( I enjoyed but sold ) and still have/had about 15-20 MMCs/MCMOs….



@Buzz out here supplying the WORLD with MCMO’s :joy:there isnt a better guy to do so though :grin: he has single handedly sold me the collection of throws I’ve always DREAMED of having and I ALSO got my MCMO from this Absolutely amazing gentleman :grin:

I’m confident in saying that besides Markmont himself @Buzz is the leading expert in MMC & MCMO’s :sweat_smile::grin:


Does this hold true if buying on the secondary market? I mean, in that case the companies have already made their sales, right? At that point, might as well buy whatever one truly wants or what best fits their budget.


I think it does - indirectly. it’s a signal that there’s demand, and that even if you buy one new and don’t like it, you could sell later. inspires confidence!


Just as another bit of information to put out there. I was throwing my MCMO over concrete yesterday and I messed up a trick and got my yoyo spinning horizontal. I was just kind of watching it spin out of control like a UFO when it suddenly came off of the string. It spun so much that it loosened the tension and opened up the loop enough to wear it fell out. Anyways it clanked onto the concrete fairly hard and bounced and rolled for a bit. I wasn’t too worried about it because I don’t mind dings and scuffs. To my surprise there weren’t any dings or ano breaks or anything. So not only can you not strip an MCMO but they are also hard to damage.


Just for reference for those not in the know. “MCMO” stands for Markmont Classic Magnum Opus.


Dddaannnnnggggg yall :raised_hands:t6::sob::raised_hands:t6:

What a humbling read man. All yall are VERY much appreciated frfr.