Buddha's Revenge! Buddha's Revenge!! :)

I landed Buddha’s Revenge wahoo!!! Took me ten minutes :stuck_out_tongue: Going for Kwijibo!

Grats ;D What took me so long was landing the 1 and a half mount. After that, it was alignment problems. But still, congrats. ;D

Yeah, I still can’t do the 1.5 mount quickly. As Andre describes it, a stalled d or n. Well, I do it so slow I call it a stalled 1.5 mount. Super stalled d or n. Hehe. ;D

i couldn’t do the 1.5 mount either, then i got out of yoyoing for half a year, then when i started up again i could do it as easy as double or nothing. strange how stuff like that works…

I just takes a lot of practice. Watch the video for Cold Fusion real-quick and get into the 1.5 mount from Double or Nothing! It technically isn’t the trick if you do it that way, but it’s cooler IMO if it’s done smooth.

Gratz! Good luck on Kwijibo.

Thats exactly how I play my video games…

Anyways, congratulations! Learning the 1 & 1/2 mount was hard for me too, it took me 3 days. :-[ But just keep practicing it and you’ll be able to land it as if it’s nothing.