Broyo13's Beysick Review and Comparison (Now with pictures!)

Broyo13’s HSPIN Beysick YoYo Review and Comparison


This is the second review in a 4-part series I will be writing in the next few days. I will be writing about the Dv888, the Dingo, the Beysick and the Protostar. I guess the theme of these reviews is to mainly give more information on affordable, top-notch yoyos. Hopefully, these reviews will help people purchase their first metal or add another yoyo to their collection.

 My name is Mark and I am 13 years old.  I got into yoyoing in January and have been fairly obsessed since.  In terms of my skill level, I can do pretty much all the advanced and expert tricks in Andre Boulay’s tutorials, and about 10-20 other tricks from other sources (mostly  I have had my Beysick for 3 days.  

Note: I dont have a camera available so I will upload pictures in the next few days.


The Beysick is Hspins debut for their new Core Series. I actually recieved the Beysick as a surprise belated birthday present, and I actually wanted the Hspin Gorylla more. Lucky for me, the inital worry of getting this yoyo wore off after the first throw. It is one heck of a player! This yoyo aswell as the Core Series is definitely made to compete with other affordable metals these days, such as the FundaMetals, RecRev I, Shinwoo Zen, CLYW Campfire aswell as many many more. Actually, Hspin is late to join this new affordable yoyo game, but they had quite an entrance!


Manufacturer Hspin
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 65.00
Width (mm) 41.50
Diameter (mm) 52.00
Gap Width (mm) 4.10
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 5x11x5 mm
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Silicone Sticker

This yoyo is undersized, but almost full sized. The size and shape feel great in the hand.


I dont usually talk about a yoyos packaging because it does not affect play at all.  I made an exception for the Beysick.  The Beysick came wrapped in 2 black socks.  In one sock was the yoyo and a bag including a spare axle and 2 response pads.  The socks were a little big on me (im an 8) but they were still made of a comfortable cotton.  Just in case your wondering, they are quarter socks.  The also have Hspin Core Series and some stuff about how the yoyo is made in India on them.  All in all, interesting, usable packaging that protects the yoyo.  Nice job Hspin.

Construction, Bearing/Response and Anodization

The Beysick is made of a hard metal.  I hit it super hard against marble and it didnt ding at all.  The yoyo was manufactured in India.  I dont see this as a down side, but I think it must be one of the reasons that Hspin could keep the price down with this one.  The yoyo has a V-shape, which as I noted in my Dv888 review, works great.  The Beysick uses Hspins new axle system.  The axle is small and skinny and is locked secure to one half.  The bearing comes deshielded and cleaned (win!) and is size D.  I was kind of worried about the size, but it spins great on a flick spin and binds well. The response on this yoyo is red silicone pads.  I have not used this yoyo enough to note how long these pads take to wear out, but stock they are fantastic.  They are completely unresponsive, and bind super super tight and snappy.  Also, unlike the Dv888, these pads still bind good with low RPMs.  The ano on this yoyo is a glossy black finish.  I actually enjoy the black finish because it looks slick, and great with cool colored strings (I use it with a three different shades of red Chaos 422 string)  It is an okay grinder, but this yoyo makes up for that with the best IRG I have ever used.  Seriously, I can get 8 second thumb grinds and still bind it easily.  Great in nearly every aspect here.

Weight and Play

The Beysick weighs 65 grams, a little lighter than I am used to. In terms of speed, this yoyo plays fast. It buzzes through string tricks, being only a TINY bit floaty. Very stable, even at low RPMs and after many string transfers. Hspin’s quality feel and smoothness covers this yoyo. Sleep time is phenomonal. Binds tight, IRG well and destroys anything you throw at it. Has spikes that can be used for tilt correction and matador play. Even on a bad throw I have only a little vibe. Great playing yoyo here, I can’t find any flaws, except it might be a little light for some.

Note: I have only had this yoyo for 3 days, but I am trying to forget the awesome new yoyo affect and write as truthfully as possible.


Vs Beysick

Comprable. Similar shape, the Dv888 is slightly smaller though. The Beysick plays a little faster and smoother and has a great IRG, but worse grinding. Sleep time is great on both, slightly better on the Beysick. I also have more fun throwing my Beysick, mainly because of smoothness, size and speed.

Vs Dingo

The Dingo is much smaller, but in terms of smoothness, my Beysick is smoother on a good throw and much smoother if both yoyos are given bad throws. No IRG on the Dingo but a KILLER one on the Beysick. I like the Dingo more for arm grinds. Also the Red/Orange on the Dingo is very sleek, so the Dingo win in aesthetics, but only barely. The Beysick is such a nice black. There is not much else to be compared with these, one is a fun throw for your pocket and the other is a fun main player.

Vs Protostar

The Beysick is smaller, smoother, grinds longer, sleeps longer, moves faster and is equally stable.




This yoyo is a must buy. It is my favorite yoyo at the moment. I have tried 100+ dollar throws, and this yoyo competes with all of them, even the mind-blowing pwnage Punchline. For me, this yoyo has an aspect that makes it truly great. The same aspect that the Dv888 lacks in my opinion. The best I can describe this aspect is with a short story. When I received my Dv888 I loved it. It played great and was just what I expected, but even when I first got it, I knew I would one day want a more expensive, better yoyo. With my Beysick, it makes me stop wanting more yoyos. It makes want to throw it, and only it. Even if there are better yoyos out there, I am not concerned about them, and will more than happily throw my Beysick over them. Great job Hspin, great job.

Feedback on this review would be great. Thanks for reading all this!
Dingo review coming soon, and Protostar after that.

Excellent Review! I might actually buy one…

I completely recommend it! If you decide to buy it I promise youll be happy :slight_smile:

Great review!! Really well thought out, I liked it.