Just want to know how the HSpin Beysick plays…
How do they feel, how do they feel on the string, how do they grind and etc…

Thanks… :wink:

Google is an amazing feature of the internet:

Just got mine yesterday. Great yoyo. It is the perfect size and weight for me, I like wide little yoyos. It’s a little smaller in diameter than a hitman, but just about as wide. It plays great for $60. I was honestly surprised by how well it plays. It’s a pretty fast player. I only have two complaints: that it doesnt grind too well, and the rim is curved outward instead of flat or inwards. The rims are not a big deal considering how wide it is.
Over all: It’s worth buying.

This might be my first metal…

If you get it and don’t love I’ll pay you $60 and Give you a Skyline. That is how Confident in it, I am.

can i take you up on that offer? wait… dang, I do love it.

take him up on that offerr
and get another one
so u get a skyline and get a new beysick