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i found this description for a yoyo on another website that i thought was so unbelievably silly because it was so badly done. enjoy, and post more silly descriptions for yoyos here.

"Ball Bearings YoYo JoJo Magic Ball Kids Trick Toy Party Gift Black

Product features:

  1. Professional sports ball, the use of technology, CNC numerical control lathe to a steel plate into a long ball, after polishing, electroplating, presents the baby skin texture and elegant line, so that zero jitter
  2. Suitable for professional players practice forms, the ball
  3. The player can be a very good exercise coordination ability and learning ability
  4. Suitable for play: 1 A, 3 A, 5 A
  5. The sphere diameter: 53 mm ball wide: 43 mm

Professional category is introduced:
1 A: Single, A Single fancy ball line, because of time is long, for those of us who play A lot. A group is relatively easy.
2 A: Double A, hands cyclotron fancy (hands loop, milk, cross hanging, etc.), the most entertaining group, is also the most difficult to practice group, hard work is A must to become A master.
A, 3 A: Tripie hands online fancy, is at least one play group in the world, namely, two hands two play 1 A fancy ball respectively, two hands all want to have good basic skill, and combined with the basis of 1 A and 2 A. This class is very difficult to a fancy.
4 a: OffString, referred to as “OS, away from the rope fancy, similar Chinese diabolo, do fancy in line after the ball away from the rope, and recycling.
5 a: CounterWeight, hand fancy. Founder Steve Brown, invented the Freehand this ball, and on the other side of the in the rope tied a weight proportion (1:7) weights, can let the ball rope out in his hands and make all kinds of fancy from hand.”

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Better go buy one before they’re gone.

This is a very typal sounding description from Chinese sellers. Almost all are written like this.

I actually had one of these yoyos, and it was pretty good. Haha.

I would believe Steve was the “hand fancy” founder.

Seems about right.

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If I ever start a yoyo company, I’d be tempted to call it ‘Hand Fancy’.

Don’t forget to make your model with a fingerspin cup for “advanced finger movements”.

Haha. I’ve just kept laughing at ‘hand fancy’ every time I’ve thought of it today. And now the word fancy follows hand in my predictive text on my phone. Lol

Those 1a-5a descrips are amazing.

I need to get better at hand fancy.

Check out the description in this: