Brett Where Are You? What Happened?

I haven’t seen Brett (ibanezcollector) on the forums in awhile. He used to post regularly. I know he is now a company owner, but I’m just curious… God Bless - Moefv

He isn’t the owner anymore. He demoted himself to a team member while he resolves his own personal issues. I guess there’s also some not so good things going on between him and Jake. Check out his YouTube channel.

Thanks! Will do. God Bless - Moefv

Brett’s situation when it went from stepping down as a co-owner to a team member quickly deteriorated and resulted with him absolving himself from GSquared.

He’s around. He’s quite active on Facebook. I think now that his personal stuff is starting to finally take a turn in the right direction, he probably needs to get things caught up so he can go back to being himself again, whatever that may be.