So everyone at some point has to take breaks from throwing. I was just wondering what other hobbies you have while taking a break? I’m starting to take up magic.

Kendama (When i had one, traded it for a yoyo :P), pen spinning, juggling, surfing when I can, and going googly eyed over shoes i cant afford.

Good mental breaks help with new tricks. Ive been preforming in the magical arts for about a decade, nothing better :wink:


I dance

Well, if I get bored with one style of yoyo, I will work on a different style, so that helps keep things moving as far as yoyo is concerned.

Then comes kendama. Then Diabolo. The spin tops. I have a fixed axle diabolo, and I want to upgrade to get a 1-way bearing and a triple bearing one as well. I want some extra set of sticks so each kid of mine has a set of sticks set up for them.

Just got some AstroJax, gonna mess with those.

I have some foot bags, so that’s an option.

I want to learn to juggle, so I have a basic 3-ball set so I can learn a 3-ball cascade, which is what I want to learn to do.

I’m not sure if I want to learn any magic or illusions. I’d need to talk to someone about it for a bit, be shown a few things. The idea is appealing though,. It’s just hard for me to get the information I want to get the way I want to get it, and then I’d need a place to go buy stuff. Closest I get is the magic shop at Disneyland, but without having some ideas in my head before I go in, it’s just kind of a waste of time. I’d like to maybe learn some card tricks and some coin tricks: stuff that doesn’t require much if any set-up and is compact, repeatable and not too difficult to do.

Otherwise, I’m working, and working is like play for me usually. There’s lots of things I can’t do at the moment because I don’t have the gear set up.

Video games, calligraphy, board games, badminton, fine dining…


i’ve played yo-yo every day since may 2005. i don’t get the whole ‘taking a break’ thing. it’s a yo-yo. it fits in your pocket. kids and cats think it’s awesome. it’s like a quiet, not-obnoxious harmonica… or a small skateboard with which it’s impossible (or at least difficult) to skin your knee.

i think most people need to do the break thing when they get burnt out making comparisons between themselves and the players they watch. if you can accept yourself and be patient i don’t see why you’d put it down for long (checking the forums is another matter entirely).


Street art
spin tops
treasure hunting with metal detector

Yeah man magic is an awesome thing to do. Practicing sleight of hand and shuffles. They also give a better awe effect for the audience!

Also, I do wood crafting, kendama and darts.

I started about a week ago with only a pack of bicycle cards from marsh, and I started watching YouTube videos about flourishing. Not hard to get set up for! Give it a try!

Magic, or Magic the Gathering?

Also, I play CCG’s, would love to get a Kendama, play video games with my bro’s when I’m home, CAD designing for fun, oh and is Netflix a hobby? :-X


MAGIC. ILLUSIONS. What has this world come to when you get magic the gathering when searching “magic cards” on amazon? Haha

I took a break from the community, but never from throwing. I throw atleast 1 hour a day, everyday. When I am not YoYoing, I am drumming, drawing and/or running

Rubiks cubes and video games and will Probley pick up a kendama w my next order

Yeah, I don’t really take break from throwing, I always try and squeeze in some yoyoing whenever I can throughout the day. If anything yoyoing is my break!

Between throwing though I have been sketching a lot, mostly been drawing g1 transformers characters, I think they look cool.

I think if I ever wanna take a break from yoyoing I might check out 2a…

I don’t really take breaks but till my next order I’m getting a kendama

My complete hobby collection so far