Brandon Hankal presents: Shutter

I can’t stand those semi-slipknots.
I’ve noticed that everyone has a shutter now.
When you take videos, you should either get someone to hold the camera, or else get something higher to rest it on; it’s is nicer when you have your head in the picture. Other than that, good vid.

That was really the highest I could get it to go. If someone were holding it the video would be shaky, my siblings can’t hold a camera. I don’t like my head in the picture, I feel like people aren’t watching my videos and are staring at my face xD The Shutter really is an amazing throw.

Thanks though! lol

I keep my face out of the video as well.

It’s about the trick, not the person.


I wasn’t really wanting to put my best stuff out in a video yet, I wanna get a battle up before I put on anything good.

Just gonna move this up here a bit…