Brake pads working against unresponsive?

Ok, I have heard a few times, "Brake pads work against unresponsive.

So I’d like to know. Can a yoyo with brake pads be unresponsive? If It can’t, why not???

response pads adjust how easy or hard binds are, but they do not cause a yoyo to be responsive or not.(unless of course you have them on in a way that makes them touch the bearing.)
A total lack of reponse pads could cause a yoyo to be unresponsive but you will see the string still wind if you have a lubed bearing it just won’t catch and return.

So can I make a dragon fly unresponsive??

sure. Clean the bearing.

Already done :).

Throw strait, and smooth and you should have an unresponsive yoyo. With the gap like it is on those yoyos a crooked throw is going to cause the string to ride on the response and wind up the string.

Beefcake it. I did my old bumblebee from the 90’s. Plays like a beast, totally unresponsive.