Box of ramdom yoyo stuff may be good for modders.

Ok this is a rather long list so bare with me. It will cost like $10 to ship this so I’m looking for about $60 Shipped obo. Will consider trading all of this for a yoyo.


Power Brain XP MIB Blue

Fireball MIP Blue

HWW White

Speed Beetle Green with Yellow caps

StealthFire Red

Super-Yo Cosmic Spin Glow no guts

DM super cracked half good for rings

Black Knight rings

NM2 rings

Sirius Rings

Pink FHZ “rings”

Black LF “rings”

Speed Maker halves mod mishaps

Clear FHZ halves mod mishaps

SFHG halves mod mishaps

3 Wheel halves

Pink Tigershark halves (I believe that what they are)

Sirius Hubs Blue

1 half Super Spinfaktor

Handmade AL yoyo made by a guy I used to know. Sucks both halves are not machined the same.

2 D.I.Y. Wood Imperial shaped yoyos

Pile of O-rings, Spacers, and Axles

4 Duncan sized Bearings

2 Hspin sized Bearings

5 CWs

Bag of Brake Pads

2 Plactic cap things

Tons of caps as follows:

4 yellow Speed Beetle caps with two extra screws

set of 201 clear caps

set of takeshi clear caps painted white paint coming of

set of plastic caps for Sirius/ NM4

set of NM4 paper caps

4 Sirius paper caps

set of worlds 2006 Speeder caps

set of worlds 2007 XCV caps

set of old logo Dragon Jam caps

set of Projam caps

6 plastic HM, XCV, KS, etc caps

set of red paper HM caps

set of green X-con paper caps

5 KS caps in different colors and conditions

set of II LF caps

7 LF, SM etc plastic caps

7 LF paper caps in different colors

and finally 4 LE proyo caps I believe.

Thanks for looking.

kind of want the takeshi clear caps since a person who will not be named broke mine. any chance of dibsing those?