Some Great JoJo's for Sale!!! FH1's Mint condition!!! ;-)


Hey Everyone!!!

As the title of the Post may suggest, I am Selling some of my YoYo’s and for Reasonable Prices too!!

These are the following jojo’s in a List :

-Yellow (Original) Freehand 1, 1 white cap, 1 yellow cap
-Red (Original)Freehand 1, 1 white cap, 1 yellow cap
-MiniMotrixx(green) with Red shims and a(DifeYo Made) KK bearing
-Red SpinFaktor Heavy Gravity x 2
-Red Element X with Black rings and Cat Pogs with Large SPR kit
-Purple Stuntpilot by Playmaxx with large SPR Kit(put in)

**Note: All of these Yo’s are in GOOD Condition, The FH1’s are Superb aswell!!!
So… I am not Labeling any Prices so they are up for ANY Offers, wether it be for one of the yoyo’s or If youd like and your Interested in 2 or more Make me an Offer on the ones youre intersted In!!! Send inquiries to my email at!!!

THANX AGAIN EVERYONE! :slight_smile:

-Matt Kruger Proyo1collector


do u still have the fh1’s???



(system) #3