Boulder Colorado yo-yo club

Hello fellow yo-yoers!

I am rather new to the yoyo scene and have been looking for local groups or clubs. Unfortunately the only one I have found is in Denver, through the Wizards chest. I live in Westminster and while the drive is not a huge issue the time conflicts with my work schedule. As well, being a student at CU, I spend much of my time in Boulder anyway.

So, I am looking for people who are interested in starting or joining a Boulder yoyo club. Depending on the amount of people who are interested this could become a legitimate organization. But if there are only a few people out there Id be happy with small meet ups. Ultimately I just want to hang out with some other players and yoyo.

Please respond if interested or send a PM.


There’s a club in Ft Collins, another in Manitou Springs (@YoYoLoco)… But I don’t know of one in Boulder. I’m in SW Denver. Come to SCR, you’ll get a good exposure to lots of local throwers, and maybe find someone who would like to help out with starting a Club in Boulder.

What is SCR? :stuck_out_tongue:

South Central Regionals, which currently has merged with the Rocky Mountain YoYo Contest and Spin Top Championships, Which, as it happens are going to be held in Boulder this year on Aug. 25th, at the Boulder Circus Center. Find RMYYC on Facebook, and youll find the link to all the information. See you there!

I’m in boulder! I’d love to meet up and throw sometime. Wanna go throw near Into the Wind on Pearl?

I’m totally down to meet up, except I’ve kind of fallen out of it since I posted this. There was just nobody around to do it with so im pretty rusty. If you don’t mind, though, i don’t mind.

Dude I am totally down. What day and time works for you? I’m pretty free whenever. And you can be rusty, I’ve only been throwing for less than a year. I might even be free tonight, and we could throw for tips. What say you?

Haha well, unfortunately tonight I have a quiz to study for. I could do this saturday around noon if you’re free then. Otherwise I’m pretty busy until like wednesday.

You guys still around? I’m in Boulder and picked up the hobby back in the spring. I’d love to meetup sometime!