Bored at 10 PM

Quick short showing some of my new-ish tricks. Also expirementing with different angles. This isn’t my best, just saving some tricks for a video I have planned.

Awesome combo, can’t wait for your video. Was that a Wooly Marmot?

Thanks! Also, it was a Peak, however, I will use my Wolly in my new video.

It’s spelled Wooly. Just sayin, since you put Wolly a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow…never noticed that. Thanks Samad.

Then go to BED.

How late I sleep is my choice. I always make sure I get my 8 hours of sleep, if I get too much more I can’t go to sleep the next day, so I stay up late. Besides, the night is relaxing to me.

The first combo was really nice, but the triangle was just okay.

The second combo was kinda choppy (that might just be the trick, though), but the triangle there was great!


the first part of the first combo, did that hop thing in the 1.5 mount do anything? because i was kinda ??? on what you did exactly.

Its kind of a slack variation thing to get to the mount Andre axplains in the And Whut? video. It is just a cooler way to get into it, I thought it looked really boring with the actualy way to get into the mount. If you look closely I actually let the string go and caught it, so its like a suiside thing also. Its hard to explain, but if you look closely you’ll get it.

Nice vid!

p.s. Paolo, you still have Wolly instead of Wooly written on your fav. yoyos list. :smiley:

You go to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. I hardly pay attention to that thing. I changed it like two weeks after the Wooly Marmot was my favorite yoyo. I’ll go change it.

And thanks.

I can’t i’m to tired.